Henna Aftercare & Stain Results

Natural henna requires some love and care and therefore taking care of your henna design is important to ensure best results:

  • Once it dries dab with lemon & sugar mixture and allow it to dry. Repeat as many times as desired.

  • Wrap your design loosely in medical tape and keep it warm.

  • For best results, let it sit overnight on your skin.

  •  When removing the paste, gently scrub it off the skin. (It is preferred not to use water at this stage)

  • Avoid contact with water for upto 24 hours if you desire a darker stain.

  •  When removed, the initial result of the henna will appear light in color. The color will gradually darken over 24-48 hours.

Henna stain results over 24-48 hours




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