"Shazia was absolutely hands down my favorite wedding vendor to work with and she epitomizes professionalism, pure talent, and friendliness. She did an amazing job with my henna (even family from India was super impressed!) as well as henna for all of my family and friends. She felt like part of the family by the end of the day :) All in all, Shazia is fantastic, easy to work with and extremely talented. She was easily my favorite wedding vendor that I would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone!" Sunaina K


A tall shrub or a small tree and the sole species of Lawsonia genus.


The dye is used in the art of temporary tattooing. It has traditionally been used to dye skin, hair and nails


Common henna styles range from Indian, Arabian and African style designs.


Henna made with para-phenylendiamine (PPD) based hair dye  should never be used on skin, plain or any other material. A good henna artist should be able to tell you the ingredients in their henna paste. PPD based henna is dangerous and any contact with it may require medical attention.